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Domestic Violence Resources

Fact Sheet on Interpersonal Violence in Latin@ Communities Myths & Facts about Domestic Violence Warning Signs Written Resources for Working with Latin@ Communities and Domestic Violence (only in Spanish)

Latina Advocacy

These three documents represent some of the results of our organizational dialogue about Latina Advocacy: Latina Cultural Context and Advocacy Latina Advocacy Framework A Comparison of Domestic Violence Models A Survivor’s Story – This film is the critically acclaimed first-hand account of the impact of violence on the life of Olga Trujillo, Casa de Esperanza’s Director of Program

Immigrant Women

Domestic Abuse and Immigration: An Advocate’s Perspective – This article was written by one of Casa de Esperanza’s Family Advocates. Latino Families and Domestic Violence - Our manual is an excellent tool for any group—not just domestic violence organizations—that works with Latino families that may be experiencing domestic violence. Stepping Into Latino Realities – This video is an excellent training tool about communicating and working with Latino individuals and families.


A Tool for Reflection: The Realities and Internalized Oppression Faced by Lesbians of Color - This article is an excerpt from the Facilitators’ Guide for My Girlfriend Did It. Intimate Partner Violence Fact Sheet My Girlfriend Did It, produced by Casa de Esperanza, is a groundbreaking documentary film that explores interpersonal violence in lesbian relationships by highlighting the struggles and resilience of women who share the impact of violence in their lives.

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