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Aquí están algunos razones porque individuos han tomado la promesa.

“I want a better, and safer, world for my daughters.”

“Hay que hacer todo lo que podemos para crear una comunidad sin violence.”

“As a family advocate for victims of domestic violence, I know the importance of living free of violence and educating the public about domestic violence.”

“Todos tenemos la responsabilidad de crear un mundo mejor para nosotr@s y futuras generaciones.”

“I believe that every man, woman and child deserves peace, safety and respect.”

“I would like to bring awareness to this topic so people understand the seriousness of the issue.”

“I have been a victim of domestic abuse and I am committed to helping others stand up for themselves and others who need a voice/advocate!”

 “I have also been a victim of domestic violence and pledge for myself and all my fellow women to not let this happen to them.”

“I want women to know that they are not alone and there are people that care. I want them to know that they should never give up.”

“I care!”

“The world will be a better place without domestic violence”

“I am a survivor of domestic violence and have taught my sons about loving and respecting themselves and others.”

“I care and I believe in the power of positive action, no matter how big or small.”

“I have been blessed without violence, and I want my daughters to be blessed as well. The world should embrace the victims and stop the violent behavior”

 ”I have seen women who are afraid because they feel they won’t make it on their own or stay for the kids. I truly believe that there is never a reason why a man should hit a woman and also for a woman to hit a man. Even though it’s not reported or talked about too much, men can also be victims of domestic violence.”

“No one deserves to be abused, or hurt by anyone.”

I’ve seen what domestic violence does to a family. I’ve watched familys get torn apart. I’ve wacthed the hurt and confusion that it can cause to the kids in these families. Not to mention the kids watching these horrible things happen have a greater chance of doing the same things themselves. I’m tired of seeing it!!!” 

“I have been a victim of domestic violence and it needs to stop.”

“I believe there shouldn’t be domestic violence, since there is, I choose to fight against it to stop the nasty cycle.”

“I love my children. I love my family. I want our words to be uplifting and kind to one another. I want all of us to work together at being greater. When I have grandchildren, I want them to feel just as safe, secure, adored, cherished, loved and wanted as I wish to feel and make others near me feel.”

“Deseo informar y apoyar a las familias que sufren violencia domestica.”

“I was a victim of domestic violence. I still suffer from post tramtic stress disorder I am in a healthy loving marriage now but live with a not so happy past. I often talk about wanting to get involved with counseling or some way to help others with domestic violence.”

“Woman should not be put through violence and I believe its important for them to know they are not alone.”

“I do not want others to have to go through domestic violence. I am pledging for my mother.”

“My mother, two of my daughter’s and myself were once victim’s of domestic violence. There is no justifiably reason for anyone to be abused and we must all strive to put an end to abuse.”

“I am a survivor of domestic violence, 5 1/2 years of domestic violence. I pledge also to help protect women that have animals and won’t leave because places won’t also accept their pets, and or children & pets. Many women, including myself stayed because no one would take me and my dogs. They count too!”

“I don’t want my family to go through this.”

“I have seen the damage domestic violence can do and want to avoid any form of it in my relationships with others.”

“No child or female should have to endure such suffering.”

“I would like to make a difference!”

 “I pledge because, “Life is an oportunity live through it without violence!”

“No body needs to be hurt. Specialy our love ones.”

“I have had many friends including my self who have been through domestic violence situations and I wish to see a world free of abuse.”

“Quiero ser una mujer lider y asi poder ayudarnos mutua mente basada en mi pasada experiencia.” 

“I am committed to love and communities full of love and free of violence.”

  “I feel that no female should be subjected to put up with domestic abuse!”

“I, myself, have been a victim of domestic violence.”